With thousand of video slots available throughout the world, it boils down to your taste and preference such as at top-netentcasinos . NetEnt and Microgaming hail as leaders when it comes to slot development. With the immense experience between the two, we look at their slot machines.

Talk of Experience

When it comes to experience, there is a conundrum when both parties are involved. Microgaming have a deeper experience when it comes to development of slot machines. The firm first launched the casino software in 1996 which was rather a new concept than the newtonsvillevillage .

  • Microgaming has 26 years of operations
  • NetEnt boasts of 24 years of operations

However, two years later, NetEnt launched is first software. The puzzle is that despite having less experience compared to Microgaming, NetEnt boasts of innovative and cutting edge slot machines which are very popular with online casinos. With a fair share of online casinos relying on their services.

Variety of Slots

There are a wide variety of slot games which are available to customers. NetEnt offers a wide range of slot games in comparison to Microgaming. Some of the available slot game variety at NetEnt includes video slots, progressive slots, 3 reel slots, bonus slots among many more.

Microgaming on the other hand mainly focuses in production of high quality progressive jackpots. The firm boasts of the most engaging progressive jackpots in the industry that bear high potential winnings for their players. However, NetEnt takes home the crown in terms of innovation.

Innovation and Modern Slots

Without a single doubt, NetEnt is a trailblazer in terms of offering innovative and modern slots to customers. It is easy to discern between a NetEnt slot from others through its specialization in creation of unique and innovative slot games to customers and online casinos.

  • NetEnt reports over 20 billion in returns from slots transactions
  • Micragaming holds affiliation with over 800 online casinos.

NetEnt manages to tap into the modern virtual gaming experience sought by many customers across the world. NetEnt products offer an intuitive and engaging platforms that supports various devices to be part of the movement. It includes use of engaging themes and classic music to customers.

Battle of Legitimacy

With the advent of online gambling, it breeds the need for legitimacy with the new crop of sites coming up daily. With both affiliations from both firms, many players end up begin duped and fall for rigged slots. However, there are stringent measures to prevent this.

Both firms are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. In addition, NetEnt also hails as a member of the Malta Gaming Authority. Micrograming on the other hand has several licensing agreements brokered by Creative Solutions as part of their expansion criteria.


In a Nutshell

Both firms hold a significant experience when it comes to online gambling. Both firms have two decades of offering dedicated gambling solutions to online casinos and customers across the world. Despite the differences, both firms hold their specialty in different spheres of online gambling.

  • Most popular slots by NetEnt is Gonzo Quest
  • Most popular progressive slot by Microgaming is Mega Moolah

Each firm tends to hols its own in a heated battle. However, Microgaming has more coverage with numerous casino games offered. While NetEnt have less casino games on display but pay for with numerous innovative features including creative graphics, themes, sounds and symbols that make them highly attractive.